Packer. € 1200-1500. Germany

Country:  Germany Salary: € 1200-1500 (€ 9 /hour gross) Description: Work at the factory, packaging, re-packaging drinks. Men up to 45 years old. It is desirable to have an EU passport. Work in brigades 2-5 people. Housing / Nutrition: Housing is provided for € Подробнее

Mechanic €1000-1600. Czech Republic, Slovakia

Country: Czech Republic  Slovakia Salary: from € 1000-1600. Description: Scania production and service stations require skilled automakers. The availability of specialized secondary education and experience is mandatory. Advantage of workers with experience in repairing and servicing heavy trucks. 5 day 8 hour working Подробнее

Builders Facade workers and others from € 1300. Lithuania

Country: Lithuania Salary: from € 1300 €5-10/hour. Description: Looking for Builders, facades, ventilators and other construction specialists. Transport to objects is provided. Work experience is obligatory. Housing / Nutrition: Provided by the employer / Nutrition own SEND CV See other current vacancies in Подробнее

Plumber. €1000-1300. Lithuania (€4 per hour)

Country: Lithuania Salary: from €1000-1300 (€4 per hour.) Description: Men from 23 years old. Work 6 days in the week at 8-10 o’clock. Experience of 2 years. Good prospects for professionals. Housing / Nutrition: From an employer € 3-4/day  from salary/ Nutrition Подробнее

Driver Trucker from € 1900 Lithuania

Country: Lithuania Salary: from € 1900 €64-72/day. Description: Age 23-55 (experienced from 1 year cat.CE for the EU) 23-47 trainees (with experience from 6 months in the CIS (possible in any of the countries without crossing borders) including Ukraine) without b/h, stress-resistant. Подробнее

Welder. from € 1100. Hungary

Country: Hungary Salary: Bet € 1100-1500 + bonus to 30% Description: Age from 18 to 55 years. Welding works MIG-MAG 135. 8-12 hours change. Overalls are provided. Full social package. Required Experience. Test on a test task. Driving to work Подробнее

Finishing facilities. €950-1300. Czech Republic

Country: Czech Republic Salary: from €950-1300 (95CZK/hr with a possibility of forging) Description: Required specialists for finishing works on premises. Schedule: 10 -12 hours/day 6 days a week. Bringing objects to the car for free Housing / Nutrition: Provided with all conveniences for Подробнее

Semi-finished products. from € 770. Poland

Country: Poland Salary: from € 770 (for 13.3 zł/hour to the card) Description: Women, men, couples from 20 to 50 years. 6 days a week for 10 hours. Accommodation is provided for 450 zł/month. from the salary. Couples separate rooms. Special clothing Подробнее

Assembly Worker. From €1050. Slovakia

Country:  Slovakia, Zhilina Salary:  from €1050 (from € 817 net at 14 shifts per month + 25% bonus + € 50 netto change over 14 + € 540 winter/summer bonus) Description: For the sanitary ware factory and components of the large Swiss Подробнее

Разнорабочим. от € 820. Польша

Страна: Польша. Зарплата: от € 820 (10зл./ч. с первого месяца 12-14зл./ч. со второго) Описание: Необходимо умение пользоваться инструментом (угловая шлиф-машинка и шуруповёрт). До 55 лет. График работы: 10 часов /день 6 дней в неделю. Минимум 240ч. в месяц. Транспорт на объекты и Подробнее