Mason Clinker to Germany

Работа каменщик клинкер в Германии фото

€ 23-27/м2 netto

For Men, Jobs without language, Accommodation, Только граждане ЕС

Requirements: Civil passport of the European Union. Work experience of at least 2 years. Age to 55 years. No alcohol addiction

Payment: Salary 23-27 € / m2 net (on hand)
or 12-13 € / h net (on hand)
Advance payment possible

Conditions: Clinker brick laying – normalformat (240x115x71), total volume – 10000m2
Work 5-6 days a week for 10-12 hours / day

Carry to work for free. Tool provided

Accommodation: in a comfortable apartment with all conveniences for 2/3 people in a room, 150-175 / month withheld from salary

Additional information: Meet you. We provide housing. We help to draw up the necessary documents. We advise on current labor laws. Contract formalization at a Polish construction company (construction contractor)