Forklift operator VZV -CB/RT in Slovakia

Работа оператором вилочного погрузчика в Словакии фото

990-1210+ EUR

for CIS citizens, For Women, For Men, For couples, for Ukrainians, Jobs without language, Accommodation

City: Nitra

The international company Synkreon, a logistics partner of Jaguar Land-Rover, invites men, women, and couples to work. Fully official employment, free extension, production of residence permit cards and change of employer according to existing cards. For those who come to Slovakia, we provide housing for the quarantine period.

• Candidates with no experience in forklift/trolley operation can receive free training, after an interview
• Candidates with experience in forklift/truck driving are an advantage.
• Applicants with a valid forklift certificate, category I. C.
• Candidates with the desire and ability to work in shifts – currently 2-shift and 3-shift work:
06: 00-14: 15
14: 15-22.30
22: 30-06: 00

Job description
1. Work is performed in logistics and warehouses by assembling, according to the client’s order, and assembling items in the work/warehouse area.
2. Compliance with all workflow standards and work instruction standards for each task.
3. Read customer orders, work orders, or documents that specify what needs to be transported, collected, shared, and/or delivered.
4. Ensuring the cleanliness, safety, and accessibility of the warehouse.
5. Unloading and storage of material in the warehouse (front machine – transportation of materials up to 3 meters).
6. Unloading of material to a predetermined place.
7. Loading of empty containers to trucks (Retrak – storage of materials on shelves up to 12 meters or to stack pallets).
8. Work with material and components in the warehouse or on the production line (manually and with the help of a forklift).
9. Responsibility for preventive supervision of the forklift in order to ensure their operational efficiency.
10. Within the agreed type of work, the Employee will perform other work for the Employer in accordance with the Job description, instructions of the Employer and/or management of the Employee, as well as all tasks and activities related to the specified type of work and subject of activity of the Employer.

Salary: 990 € (Brutto), after the probationary period it is possible to increase the salary to 1010 €. The bonus for each salary up to 15%, which is 1162 € + overtime and other bonuses (see section BONUSES below)

1. Production bonus to the basic salary:
• For the first fully worked month + 5% of salary
• For the second fully worked month + 10% of salary
• For the third fully worked month + 15% of the salary (the amount of the bonus is saved for all subsequent months).
2. Overtime + 25%
3. Overtime on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays + 25%, 50% and 100% respectively
4. 13th salary
5. Provision of free transportation, in case of own transport – 20 €/month surcharge to the salary
6. Food vouchers 4 €/day, employee’s surcharge is 0.22 €.
7. Other corporate privileges.

Accommodation: With all amenities for 2-3 people in a room. Separate accommodation is possible for married couples. We have 4 places to stay where the first two months of stay are free. Then the payment for housing is gradually increased, deducted from the salary, depending on where you live and the duration of work (see table).
Accommodation Chart for Synkreon Employees - Picture