Work in Lithuania. Trucker driver from € 1900

Работа в Литве. Водитель Дальнобойщик фотографии

от € 1900 €64-72 в день

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Men, for Russians, for Ukrainians, Moldovanian, Jobs without language, Accommodation

Country: Lithuania

Salary: from € 1900 € 64-72 per day

Description: Age 23-55 (experienced from 1 year of cat.SE in the EU) 23-47 interns (with experience of 6 months . in the CIS (it is possible in any of the countries without crossing borders) including Ukraine) without a / c, stress-resistant.
An intern (without driving experience in the EU) receives 20-25 € per day for the first trip. The next 64-72 €. Payment per day, regardless of downtime, all expenses associated with the flight are paid by the employer (payment of roads, parking, washing, etc.). A paid mobile phone is provided. The total monthly mileage of 12000-15000km. EU countries. All types of cargo. No flights through Russia. Full social package, insurance.
At the expense of the employer: Expenses for registration of the package for a D visa, residence permit for 4 months. visa 172 €, driver’s license (European Community, 17 €), registration in the Republic of Lithuania, 2 days of hotel accommodation during paperwork in Lithuania (only 1 time). Social insurance.
At the expense of the driver. With a positive hiring decision: tachograph card (chip) 50-60 € (we provide assistance), driver’s honey. certificate from a psychologist, narcologist, about the criminal record. In Lithuania: passing honey. inspection (20 Euro). Meals, travel to the place of work, accommodation between flights, courses 95 code. (20 or 250 €)