Work in Poland. Supermarket cashier

Работа в Польше. Кассир-продавец в сети супермаркетов фото

12,50 zł /h.

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Women, for Russians, for Ukrainians, Moldovanian, Accommodation

Work place: Poland, Szczecin


customer service at the checkout counter or counter (weighing, cutting into portions of products, packing meat, sausage, cheese), teaching the product at leisure from customers, controlling the importance of products, keeping clean in the workplace.


women 20-55 years; knowledge of Polish at a communicative level and ability to read, for quality customer service; activity, hard work and ability to work in a team.


work in two shifts 8 hours a day, Monday to Saturday, Sunday – days off.


the hourly rate is 12.50 zł net. For workers residing at their home, the rate is 13.50 zł / h net. The monthly income is from 2500 to 2700 PLN net.

About Housing
free accommodation in an apartment in the city center. The rooms are for 2-3 persons. There are two bathrooms, kitchen, free WI-FI. Good communication with all parts of the city, near shops, banks, parks.


We produce a work permit for 3 years;
Honey. the book and other supporting documents are paid by the employer;
You can immediately open a visa for 1 year with the possibility of its extension;
All payments are made to your bank account;
Retention of seniority in Ukraine, which will have a positive impact on social benefits and pensions for the employee;
Legality in paying taxes in Ukraine on income received in Poland;
The Ukrainian employer directly cooperates with Polish companies;
Free accommodation with all amenities.
After 3 months of work, the employer refunds the tickets you have spent on traveling to Poland.