Work in Poland. Installation of dashboards for cars

Работа в Польше. Монтаж приборных панелей для автомобилей

2000-2600 zł netto

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Women, For Men, For couples, for Russians, for Ukrainians, Moldovanian, Jobs without language, Accommodation

Place of work: Poland, a factory in the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski (Polish Gorzów Wielkopolski)


– installation of dashboards for cars;
– work on the production line.


– readiness for three-shift work of 8 hours a day + possible over hours, 5-6 days a week;
– manual abilities;
– preferably knowledge of the Polish language at a basic level.

We offer:

– official employment in accordance with Polish law (UMOWA O PRACĘ TYMCZASOWĄ);
– health insurance;
– salary: PLN 2600 gross + the ability to receive a bonus of up to 360 PLN monthly + over hours (on weekdays + 50%; on weekends + 100%); an average of 2000-2600 zlotys is obtained clean (already after making payment for the apartment);
– guarantee of payment of wages on the 10th day of the next month;

– From 01.10.2018, the payment system for accommodation on the agency’s housing has been changed and receiving a return in the form of a premium from the housing factory. If an employee uses the company’s housing, then he does not receive a housing supplement, the payment for housing is calculated from the salary: 130 PLN net (rooms for 3-6 people) or 190 PLN net (rooms for couples).
– independent travel to / from work – 94 PLN / month;
– continuous support of the coordinator.


Urgently need workers!
Work for women and men aged 18-55 years.
At the factory, a dining room with affordable prices.
Work standing.
Payment for housing is deducted from the employee’s salary from the moment of settlement.
Due to the need to draw up documents and make a physical examination, after arrival there may be a delay of several days before being hired.
Probationary period: 1 month.
Alcohol, theft and inappropriate behavior are unacceptable.
We guarantee a friendly attitude!
In Poland there is no advance payment system.

The salary is paid on the 10th of each month, on the basis of an agreement on a temporary labor contract which is signed monthly.
The monthly salary is 2400 PLN gross + start bonus (10 PLN for each working day) + nighttime allowance 20% + processing allowance on weekdays 50% + workday allowance 100% (+ 10 PLN extra bonus for everyday). After the full month worked, each employee is entitled to two days of paid leave – URLOP. Those who do not use URLOP will receive payment for all their accumulated days at the end of the employment contract.
Each plant provides the opportunity to purchase breakfast and lunch in the dining room.
On the first working day, each employee will be given a personal identifier (magnetic card), which he must beat off when entering and leaving the factory and monitoring your work hours (sensors for beating located inside the factory).
Also, with the help of the card you pay for meals in the dining room.
Employee housing fees are deducted from their salary FROM FIRST DAY OF ACCOMMODATION
The price depends on the living conditions:
• Shared rooms – 130 PLN net per month.
• Double rooms – 190 PLN net per month
(the cost of housing including a return of ~ 290 zł net)
Also, everyone can rent their own personal home!
For every employee employed through our agency, regardless of the place of residence, the Faurecia factory pays a premium of 400 PLN gross for housing (~ 290 PLN net) for the full month worked
After employment, each employee must necessarily open a “PESEL” number (identification code) in the city administration (uzhde mesta) on Sikorskiego 3-4, you need to have a passport with you, an apartment rental agreement (to be entered there) or a registration from where You live here. After receiving it, provide the agency.
After 3 months worked, you can apply for an annual invitation (vojvudskoe) and if you have a desire to work without a break, you can apply for a card, for this you must inform the coordinator who will tell you in detail about the application procedure.
In case of health problems, each employee must report the problem to his supervisor and coordinator (the basis for admission to the hospital is RMUA and ZUS, which can be obtained from the coordinator)
Hospital Addresses: ul. Gwiaździsta 16, Dekerta 1, Dworcowa 4, Piłsudskiego 1a

You can buy your own monthly bus and tram ticket for PLN 94
(“MZK” ul. Drzymały 10, Gorzów Wielkopolski)

Candidate Action Plan to Get Started
Clinic address: Gorzów WLKP ul. FABRYCZNA 70
any Polish bank, we recommend BANK “MILLENNIUM”
day, time and specific address (plant) will be reported by the coordinator
4. Getting started
the day and time will be reported by the coordinator