Work in Poland. Monter plumber

Работа в Польше. Монтёр-сантехник фото

16 zł /h.

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Men, for Russians, for Ukrainians, Moldovanian, Jobs without language, Accommodation

Place of work: Poland, Solec Kujawski, objects throughout Poland

Company activity: Construction


15 PLN per hour on hand
16 zl per hour on hand after 1 month of work

Hours: 240-280 hours of work per month. 1 shift. 7-19. Mon-Fri

Responsibilities: Installation of internal plumbing


– Men
– Education or experience as a plumber

Housing: Free

Get to work: Free

Work clothes: Free

Age: 18-60

Meals: In winter, 1 lunch per day is free