Work in Poland. Food Warehouse Worker

Работа в Польше. Работник продовольственного склада

17 zł /h.

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, For Men, Jobs without language, Accommodation

One robot: Polshcha, Gniezno


– a complete set of food and food products
– a robot with a scanner
– form pallets with goods
– finish the order at the working place


– readiness before the latest robots in 3 winter months, 8-12 years old, 5-6 days a week
– bajany pratsuvati
-nanness of a sanitary book (without a sanitary book there is no admittance to a given robot, ale bude nadsha, until that time pokon won it), the purchase of a sanitary book of 100 zlotys. 100 zloty robotovodets turna


– ofitsyny pracevlashtuvannya zg_dno with the Polish legislation (UMOWA ZLECENIE)
– salary: 17.00 zlotys gross per year, net approximately 12.20 zlotys + bonus for success, up to 70% pay
– writing the first month, if the precedent is independent of his obligations, the premium is paid for 2500-4200 net zlotys
Robot close to 200 years old and more
– guarantee of payment of salary pay on the 15th day of the offensive month
– costless living
– good and friendly atmosphere at work
– post coordinator coordinator


Terminovo potrіbnі pracіvniki!
Number of vacancies: 10 members with Bilorus
Robot for cholovіkіv in vіtsі 18-45 rockіv.
Robots for food storage at manual forklift trucks, for candidates who want to lose money in a fake law, they will get the right to navigate
At the warehouse there are two doors, 1) the temperature is about 18 degrees, 2) the temperature is about 3 degrees
Garantuєmo more shuttered shutter!
The salary will be paid before the 15th day of the skin month (for example, if you pay the robot the first day of the month, your salary will be paid until the 15th day of the due month)
Let’s say we’ll ask you, we ask your mother if you are penniless (utterly consume; before your first salary).