Work in Poland. Handyman (meat processing plant)

Фото работы в Польше разнорабочим (мясокомбинат)

10,19 - 23,47 zł /h.

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Workplace: 62-052 Komorniki

Company activity: Meat processing plant

Rate: Employment contract – umowa o pracę. Paid sick leave and leave in accordance with Polish law.

The first month of work:

  • PLN 10.19 per hour – standard rate
  • PLN 12.87 per hour – night rate
  • PLN 15.28 per hour on hands – overtime
  • PLN 20.38 per hour – overtime on night shifts, Sunday or holidays

The second month of work:

  • PLN 11.18 per hour – standard rate
  • PLN 13.85 per hour on hands – nightly rate
  • PLN 17.60 per hour on hand – overtime
  • PLN 23.47  per hour on hand – overtime on night shifts, Sunday or holidays

Hours: 200-225 hours of work per month. 2 shifts. The beginning of the first shift at 6:00, the beginning of the night shift at 21:00. Mon-Sat

Responsibilities: – meat cutting, slaughter, packaging of finished products, meat sorting

Requirements: Men and women 20-55 years old

Housing: 400 PLN per month

Directions: At the expense of the employee

Work clothes: Free

Temperature: Up to 12 degrees Celsius

Meals: In winter, 1 lunch is free