Work in Poland. Handyman (laying of water supply on the railway tracks)

Фото: Разнорабочий (прокладка водопровода на железнодорожных путях)

13 zł /h.

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Men, for Russians, for Ukrainians, Moldovanian, Jobs without language, Accommodation

Work place: Kutno, Konin, Koło, Małkinia

Company activities: Construction

Rate: 13 zlotys per hour on hand

Chart: 7-17. One shift work

Work hours: Work in 2 shifts from 6-18 and 18-6 at least 290 work hours per month

Responsibilities: physical work related to laying, connecting pipes;
laying water pipes on the road

Requirements: Men

Housing: Free

Work clothes: Free

Age: 25-50 years old.

Optional: Work on the street