Work in Poland. Cleaner

Фотографии работы в Польше уборщиком

12,84-14 zł /h.

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Women, For Men, For couples, for Russians, for Ukrainians, Moldovanian, Jobs without language, Accommodation

Workplace: Kutno

Company activity: Animex meat-packing plant

Rate: 12,84 zlotys per hour on hand (1st – 3rd month)
14 zl per hour on hand (after 3 months of work)

Hours: 18/22 – 6/7. Mon-Sat Work only in night shifts. 190-210 hours per month.

Responsibilities: Cleaning of production facilities.

Requirements: Men and women with no work experience

Housing: Free

Age: Doesn’t matter

Work clothes: Free