Work in Poland. The driver of municipal vehicles with the rights of the cat. C

Работа в Польше. Водитель коммунальных машин с правами кат. C фото

18 zł /h.

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Men, for Russians, for Ukrainians, Moldovanian, Accommodation

Workplace: Poland, Chorzow


driving a car with a snowblower installed (clearing roads in the winter season); driving sandblasters; removal of municipal waste containers all over the city; in the event of malfunctions, to report damage to the vehicle while driving; maintaining communication with the dispatcher and informing about obstacles on the route.


men with driving licenses of category C issued before 09.2009; valid driver card – for tachograph; qualification certificate, which can be of Ukrainian model (in the absence of the certificate you can take a training course in Poland); communicative knowledge of Polish; opportunity to work during the day and night shifts, on holidays.


work 10 hours a day (it is possible to work overtime), day and night shifts, both on weekdays and weekends.


the hourly rate is 18 PLN / h net. Per month – 3600 – 4200 PLN net.

About Housing

the employer provides free accommodation in the apartment, in a room of 3-4 persons. There are all necessary amenities, Internet.

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In the absence of work related to driving a car, other work may be performed, such as chores, cleaning of premises serviced by the company.
The cost of completing the qualification course in Poland is 400 PLN (already paid directly from a salary of 200 PLN per month). Before starting work, the candidate makes 200 PLN for psychotest.

We produce a work permit for 3 years;
Honey. the book and other supporting documents are paid by the employer;
You can immediately open a visa for 1 year with the possibility of its extension;
All payments are made to your bank account;
Retention of seniority in Ukraine, which will have a positive impact on social benefits and pensions for the employee;
Legality in paying taxes in Ukraine on income received in Poland;
The Ukrainian employer directly cooperates with Polish companies;
Free accommodation with all amenities.
After 3 months of work, the employer refunds the tickets you have spent on traveling to Poland.