Jobs in Slovakia. Production operator. Collector. from € 1050

Работа в Словакии. Оператор производства. Сборщик. от €1050 фото

от € 1050

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Men, for Russians, Moldovanian, Accommodation

Country: Slovakia, илиilina

Salary: from € 1050 (from € 817 net (housing already deducted) with 14 shifts per month + 25% bonus + € 50 net per shift in excess of 14 + € 540 winter / summer bonus)

Description: At the factory of sanitary ware and components of a large Swiss holding Franke, male assemblers up to 50 years are required. Legally, with registration of a residence and work permit for 2 years at the expense of the employer! Contract with employer, full social package. Configured for a long-term job, a career in Franke, those who wish to emigrate to Slovakia are welcome. Schedule: 12 hours a day shift / 12 hours a rest / 12 hours a night / 2 days off. Work in a new, environmentally friendly, modern plant, near the city of Zilina. Overalls are issued. Directions to work is provided.

Requirements: Responsibility, lack of absenteeism, sobriety, reliability, learning ability and desire to develop, health, biometric passport.

Responsibilities: Production of cast stone shells (fragmentite / tectonite)
• Preparation / weighing of sand and sink additives
• Preparation and filling of mixtures for preparation in polymerization forms
• Sink control
• Visual quality control of sinks after extraction from molds
• Other production activities
(for more details on the work, see the video below)

Housing / Meals: Housing is provided comfortable for € 99 / month. (see photo) / Meals are provided (food vouchers € 4.90 per shift, unused goods at any supermarket)


About the employer: Franke Holding AG, based in Aarburg, Switzerland, is an industrial manufacturer with factories located around the world.
Franke has approximately 10,500 qualified employees working in 66 companies in Europe, South and North America, Africa, Australia and Asia.


Your future job:

Franke Strecno factory in Žilina:
• Built in 2017
• 17,000 sq. M. Meters
• 350 employees
• more than 1,000,000 shells per year
• Synthetic Shell Production: Fragranite and Tectonite

Your future workplace:

Housing provided by the employer:

  • Pension Na rýbníku v Tepličke nad Váhom offers full accommodation in 10 rooms for 30 people.
  • Each room has a bath / WC
  • Premises for the kitchen and dining rooms
  • Free parking and WIFI
  • Cozy private sector near the city center, close to shops and a bus stop.

The picturesque city of Zilina is convenient and cozy like the whole of Slovakia. It has a developed infrastructure, transport, cultural and administrative centers. It is also called the “Pearl of the Vakh River”, and the Tatra Mountains give this place a special charm:

So, we offer:

    • An employment contract directly with the employer for 2 years with a social package, etc.
    • A stable, honest salary with bonuses clearly stipulated in the contract
    • Payment of foreign police services in Slovakia for the preparation of a work and residence permit
    • Comfortable housing and good food in the workplace
    • Comfortable transport to work
    • Support coordinator in the native language

Watch a short video to learn more about the plant and its products: