Handyman at a candy factory in Poland

Разнорабочий на конфетной фабрике в Польше

17 zł /h.

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City: Milanówek, MAZOWIECKIE

Place of work: near Warsaw. 30 minutes drive from Warsaw. We organize transport at our expense (from the WEEKEND)

packing sweets and other sweets into boxes;
making festive sets of sweets;
order picking for customers;

Rates: 17 PLN per hour gross (for students up to 26 years old – 17 PLN net per hour; for the rest 12.84 PLN per hour on hand)

Bonuses: for a good result the foreman gives a bonus (salary increase by 1-2 PLN per hour)

Working hours: 2 shifts: 5: 45-13: 45 and 21:45 – 5:45; the first shift works on Saturdays from 5: 45-13: 45; and the second shift comes on Sunday 21:45 – 5:45. 168-180 hours of work per month.

Breaks: paid

Work clothes: cap, apron, mittens, boots, T-shirt, pants at the expense of the employer;

Optional: dining room (refrigerator, kettle, microwave oven, cupboards); there is access to drinking water on the territory of the enterprise; vending machines with food between 20-24 degrees Celsius; noise within normal limits. The employer does not provide housing