Sorter of glass and plastic containers in Germany

Сортировщик стеклянной и пластмассовой тары в Германии

7 €

Visa, Biometrics, for Belarusians, for CIS citizens, For Women, For Men, For couples, for Russians, for Ukrainians, Moldovanian, Jobs without language, Accommodation, Только граждане ЕС

We need women and men to sort glass and plastic containers (0.3 – 0.5 ml bottles) for beer and drinks. There are several processes at this facility, someone is working on the tape, someone is removing this container, and so on. Payment of 7 euros per hour, accommodation in a hostel 300 euros, for transport (gasoline) is charged 50 euros per month. We warn you right away that not all married couples will be able to provide housing separately. Work in 2 shifts (night and day). Saturdays are partly workdays (depending on the amount of work). They now work an average of 9 working hours a day. The minimum is 200 slaves. -Maximum 300 hours per month. Place of work – Stuttgart Be sure to bring metal toe boots.
You can use biometrics now, there is also a visa application