Tinsmith insulator to the Baltics, Europe and Scandinavia

Работа жестянщиком в финляндии фото

5-12 € /h. netto

Visa, for CIS citizens, For Men, for Ukrainians, Jobs without language, Accommodation
Lithuania, Finland, Estonia

Want a nice view of the Norwegian Fjords at work?

Wanted Workers of technical insulation, sheet metal structures. Industrial insulation. The Baltic States, the EU and Scandinavia.

Country of employment: Lithuania
Business trips Western Europe, Scandinavia (depending on the location of the object)
Age: 18 -45 years old

Education: If available, a document confirming the specialty (diploma, certificate,
certificate, etc.).
Professional experience: Insulation of pipelines and other industrial structures. Ability to work with sheet metal and insulating materials (min. Wool, etc.) Ideally – at least 1 year experience in the last 2 years in the specialty (proof of work record or a certificate from the employer).
It is possible with minimal work experience.
It is obligatory to fill out the questionnaire.
Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian. Preference for candidates with knowledge of English and German
Personal qualities: Good physical shape. Strict discipline.
No bad habits (fine / dismissal).

Employment form Opening a Lithuanian work visa + employment contract + business trips.
A work visa allows you to work in Lithuania, with business trips up to 180 days continuously to other countries of the Eurozone. A year later, a residence permit is being prepared; in the presence of a residence permit, the law does not limit the duration of a business trip.

Labor remuneration (net) in Lithuania 5-7 € / hour (depending on the experience and the nature of the work performed)

Wages (net) in Western Europe, Scandinavia: 9-12 € / hour (depending on the experience and nature of the work performed)

Payment for labor 1 time per month for 17 days. In the first month, an advance payment is possible after 2 weeks of work.
Number of hours of work per day / month: Work schedule 8 hours minimum. Overtime is possible, in general working hours 10-12 hours / 5-6 days.

Availability of visa Opening of a Lithuanian work visa (12 months) + residence permit. We help with the design.

Work clothes: provided by the employer.
Work tools: provided by the employer.
Delivery to work (Transport): at the expense of the employer.
Meals: At your own expense.
Arrival in Lithuania: at your own expense.
Business trip is possible in 2 months.
Accommodation: at the expense of the employer.
Business trip: at the expense of the employer.
Processing of documents for obtaining a visa – at your own expense (approximately 150 euros).